About: Museum of Mistakes is an autobiographical comic formerly known as The Fart Party, an unintentional joke that unfortunately stuck for a long time. Since 2005, the comic has loosely followed my life in San Francisco and New York. The Fart Party volumes and Drinking at the Movies are chronological but can be read alone. The Infinite Wait is a stand alone collection of three short stories.

Books: I made these and you can read them! Books are available in my store or elsewhere on the internet. Customer reviews for all the books can be read on my amazon page or on Goodreads. Professional (and I use that term loosely) reviews/interviews here.

The Infinite Wait and Other Stories, Koyama Press, 2012. Read samples.


From the publisher: The Infinite Wait and Other Stories is the latest book from Julia Wertz, the critically acclaimed author of The Fart Party Vols. 1 and 2 (Atomic Books, 2007 and 2009) and Drinking at the Movies (Random House, 2010). In contrast to her last book, which was a full-length graphic memoir, The Infinite Wait is not a sustained narrative, but rather a collection of three short stories or graphic novellas. The stories in this collection contain Wertz’s signature acerbic wit, ribald humour and keen eye for the everyday, but they also find the cartoonist delving into the personal. “Industry” catalogues 25 years of alternately terrible and terrific jobs, from selling golf balls, feeding and failing to feed animals, waitressing, and finally to cartooning and the publication of her first book. “A Strange and Curious Place” is a love letter to Wertz’s hometown library; its mysteries and revelations, and its ability foster growth, rebellion and even artistic affirmation. The most sustained narrative in the collection, the eponymous “The Infinite Wait,” chronicles Wertz’s move from her small hometown to San Francisco, her diagnosis with an incurable, auto-immune disease and her subsequent discovery of comics and comic making.

The collection’s title, The Infinite Wait and Other Stories, intentionally and ironically recalls the vacuous and pretentious book titles of the literary elite, but these stories are the polar opposite of pretension. They are comics born out of illness, but not defined by it, and they are filled with the sometimes messy, heartbreaking and hilarious moments that make up a life.


Drinking at the Movies. Random House, 2010. Read samples.


From the publisher: In her first full-length graphic memoir, Julia Wertz (creator of the cult-hit comic The Fart Party) documents the year she left San Francisco for the unfamiliar streets of New York. Don’t worry—this isn’t the typical redemptive coming-of-age tale of a young woman and her glorious triumph over tragedy or any such nonsense. It’s simply a hilarious—occasionally poignant—book filled with interesting art, absurd humor and plenty of amusing self-deprecation. Box by box, Wertz chronicles four sketchy apartments, seven terrible jobs, family drama, traveling fiascos, and too many whiskey bottles to count.


Disclaimer: The Fart Party vol 1 & vol 2 are currently out of print as we plan on releasing an omnibus collection in late 2013 or early 2014.

The Fart Party vol 1, Atomic Books 2007. Read samples.

fart party cover


From the publisher: “The Fart Party” is an online comic by Julia Wertz that is a great snapshot of life in San Francisco as seen through the eyes of a highly sarcastic and sometimes deadly up-and-coming comic artist. The book includes the 80% of comics NOT posted online, interviews, funny fan letters and never before seen illustrations! It chronicles Wertz’s first year of making comics, living in San Francisco, going to conventions, moving apartments, finishing college, the demise of a relationship, all that typical stuff but nicely wrapped up into tiny little boxes on paper! Includes an introduction by Peter Bagge.

The Fart Party vol 2, Atomic Books, 2009. Read samples.





From the publisher: After trying and failing at a long distance relationship with her boyfriend in the original Fart Party collection, Julia quits her job and travels from coast to coast, meeting many strangers who will soon become a huge part of her world. She returns to San Francisco to wisecrack her way through a mundane minimum wage job and learns to love being single. But when her neighborhood gets increasingly violent and she comes down with a serious case of wanderlust, she begins to pack her bag for Portland. At the last minute, she changes her mind and goes to Brooklyn instead. This collection includes Fart Party #4.5 #7, plus some never before seen comics. With a foreword by Nicholas Gurewitch (Perry Bible Fellowship).