I have three online stores- a website shopEtsy and TopatoCo. All stores accept paypal, credit and debit cards.

Please note that artwork is only available on the website shop, and jewelry and photo prints are only available on Etsy. Books available in both. Prints, mugs, shirts and totes only available at TopatoCo. 

NEW!  PRINTS, T-SHIRTS, MUGS & TOTES are available in my TopatoCo Shop! 

Website Shop Direct Links:

Comic Books– special package options with prints, hand drawn panels, keychains, magnets, and library card doodles

–All art orders come with a print and library card doodle–

Cityscapes- New Yorker/Harpers/future book.

Art from Drinking at the Movies

Art from The Infinite Wait & Other Stories

Art from Museum of Mistakes/Fart Party

Art misc. (not in books)

All Original art

Etsy Shop Direct Links:

Everything– Books, photo prints, jewelry – follow links on site for separate categories


You can also buy my books from various online outlets, and Drinking at the Movies is available in French, Portuguese, Spanish and Korean. The Infinite Wait is available in French. Orders placed with me directly are greatly appreciated, but I understand needing a cheaper source, in which case I’d encourage you to buy it from your local comic book shop, directly from the publisher online, or from a comic distro online. Just anywhere but used Amazon books.