2014 Events: 

April 13th: Downtown Literary Fest: 1pm at Housing Works Bookstore- Gabrielle Bell, MK Reed and I will be on a panel discussion/slideshow called Graphically New York: The City as a Character. You know, how we use NY as more than just a backdrop in our comics.

Sept. 13-14th: SPX in Bethesda in Maryland. Debut for Museum of Mistakes: The Fart Party Omnibus. I’ll be with Atomic Books, specific signing/bullshitting times TBA.

Press: For book related press reviews n’ stuff, please follow the category links for each book.

Articles I wrote about exploring that aren’t part of this site:

The Fart Party’s Over- why I kinda quit comics for awhile and picked up exploring

Narratively: A photo essay on Kirkbride buildings with before/after photos

Podcasts interviews 2013-2014 (everything older is probably super embarrassing. And yes, I’m super proud I was on a podcast called Butt Talk)

Your Dreams, My Nightmares

Make It Then Tell Everybody 

Keith and the Girl

Butt Talk

Baby Geniuses

Tell Your Friends

The Comics Journal 

Ink Panthers

For urban exploring related interview/press, go to Adventure Bible School