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Cityscape & Comic Original Art (for merch & prints, go to TopatoCo)

Hover over thumbnail for pricing and specs! Then email me at juliajwertz at gmail for payment & address info. All artwork is done on Strathmore drawing paper with archival ink. Most are 9×12, some minus a half inch or so due to trimming for scanning, so I recommend not purchasing a frame until you get the piece. Most pages have white out on them, and some markings on the side, which are visible in the photos. Click the thumbnail to enlarge. Shipping + insurance costs: domestic $13, international $38. If you don’t see the art you want listed here, contact me and I’ll see if the piece you want is available!

A note on pricing- comics from the original Fart Party books are higher than art from other books, as are book cover illustrations. And cityscapes are higher in general because they take so flippin’ long to draw. I also do cityscape commissions if/when I have the time, just email me and ask!

Comic Art:


Cityscape Art:

This “bookstores of NYC” image is available as a print on topatoco, however each individual store illustration is available (or in multiples) please email me and let me know what store you’re considering. Prices range from $200-$500 depending on size. A bigger image here.