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a New Year’s Message to All!

January 2, 2020

Heads up! There’s an important message to all my readers after the comic!

PATREON SUPPORTERS: Thank you so much to everyone who is or has supported me on Patreon this past year or two. Your support has not only afforded me more time to work on diary comics, but has also provided pivotal emotional support during what was a very difficult but amazing year. These comics started out as just a way to break my writer’s block, but have ended up becoming the foundation of a new book I’ll be working on over the next few years. So thank you so much for your generosity. I truly appreciate you!

TO EVERYONE: A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last decade by buying  books, art, merch, etc. Thank you to all those who have shown up to events and conventions, who have emailed heartfelt messages, or shared my work with others. Thank you to my agent and publishers who have worked behind the scenes to put my work out, to venues who hosted me and bookstores who stocked my books. Thank you to fellow artists who got me freelance gigs and included me in their projects. Thank you to editors, publications, and other people/establishments who have paid me for my work. Thank you to reviewers for both good and bad reviews. Thank you for all retweets, instagram posts and any and all methods of sharing my work, every little bit helps! Thank you to friends and family who have encouraged and supported me through it all. Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who played any role in making comics an achievable career for me. I owe you everything.