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March 16, 2015

One of the projects I’m working on right now is illustrating a book by Eden Sher. She created a dictionary of portmanteaus aimed at neurotic, over-analytical, capricious types (so yeah, right up my alley) and it’s my job to turn some of those fictional words into comics. She is the main character, but over the year or so that we’ve been discussing this book, we became friends, so we decided to put some of our real life situations into the illustrations, such as the time when I went to Long Island to hang out on the set of a movie she was filming, and I went bonkers at the Craft service table. I had granola bars for days.

DINES — (Debilitating Infinite Need to Eat Syndrome) |dīnz| n. the disorder requiring you to compulsively eat food if it is in front of you even if you are not hungry, esp. when said food is free.



A week after I posted this, infamous cartoonist Kaz sent me this and I love it.


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