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The Never-ending Staples Story

November 24, 2014


Yes, I am aware of other printing resources that are much more reliable, affordable and not insane, but I sometimes have to get stuff printed RIGHT NOW and this is my only option for that, so no need to enlighten me about why I shouldn’t be going to Staples. I very much know already, believe me.

If you need something to listen to today, try my friend Liam McEneaney’s podcast in which I interrupt his interview with Jackie “the Joke Man” Martling from the Stern Show, in order to ask him about James Taylor’s stay at an insane asylum, and 9-11. Ya know, just some light banter topics. I join them for the last half of the second part of interview, around 46 minutes in, but you should listen to the whole thing, it’s kinda mind boggling. I’m gonna make a comic about the whole day, because it was…well, it was an adventure.

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