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SD: Day Off

October 1, 2014

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I want to briefly address an article in a German magazine that was published last week. I’m not going to link it, I don’t want to draw attention to the specifics, but to sum it up, it was an article not necessarily about me, but about a journalist’s attempts to get me to meet up in person. I politely declined because at first, I was insanely busy when she asked. I offered an email interview instead. My offer was rebuffed and she continuously emailed me pestering to meet up face to face. By that time, my suspicions about her mental stability were confirmed, so I stayed course and requested email only. She showed up at a reading, we talked briefly but I’d already told her I couldn’t talk long that night. Then she wrote a crazy article about basically stalking me and not taking no for an answer. She expressed confusion over how I could be unwilling to discuss my personal life with her, a stranger, yet appear very social and talkative at the reading. Yeah, I don’t know. The worst part was that she copy/pasted my emails verbatim without my permission. While that’s a huge journalism faux-pas, I’m glad she did it only because my emails were super polite, and by doing that, she revealed that I did nothing wrong and was very courteous and professional. The backlash against her article and her disregard for my very clear requests, was A Thing I missed while out of town this weekend, and I’ve been getting emails about it, but I just want to say that I believe lessons were learned all around and let’s let it drop. I’m only bringing it up here because I want it to be clear that I DO do face to face interviews, and I’m more than happy to do email ones when I’m too busy to do face to face ones. Everything I said in my emails to the journalist was true, however when I said I was uncomfortable discussing my personal life in front of strangers, I left out the imperative word “crazy” in front of “strangers.” So if you’re a journalist who happened to see that article, please understand those were somewhat unique circumstances and I’m completely willing to do interviews. That is all.

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