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Road trip

May 25, 2014

Just a quick heads up that I’m leaving town for a week or two, going on a road trip in an easterly direction. The intention of this trip is to explore/research more places for Adventure Bible School, and while I’m keeping the cost as low as possible by camping, if you wanted to help out in any way, I’m still selling tons of artwork and handmade stuff in my Esty store. Besides original comics pages and small art pieces, there is jewelry and booksbric-a-brac and photography prints. I also accept donations. Please note that all Etsy orders will be filled when I return, so you will get your package in early June.

In the mean time, there are a bunch of ways to follow my trip, if you want to live vicariously through hours and hours of driving, listening to Bread and Jim Croce, murdery midwest gas stations, climbin’ around on piles of rubble, trekking through underground tunnels and sleeping on the goddamn ground. I’ll mostly just be posting to Instagram, but with the magic of the share button, it appears as though I also participate in facebook, twitter, tumblr and flickr. Woof.

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