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Museum of Mistakes: the Fart Party Collection

January 3, 2014

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ABOUT: Museum of Mistakes: The Fart Party Collection is a 400 page omnibus of my early comics, including The Fart Party Vol 1 & 2 as well over 150 pages of previously unpublished material, some of which ostensibly would have been Fart Party Vol 3, had I done a third volume. Some of the “new” materials has appeared online, in newspapers, zines or magazines and some have appeared nowhere, but none of which have been printed in books. There is also a full color section of my earliest early work, meaning before I created the Fart Party style, as well as a process section, funny/mean fan letters and answers, collaboration pieces, random illustrations and short story comics. See PREVIEW PAGES later in this post, hang in there!

ORDERING INFO: You can order the book directly from me or get it at comic book stores. I offer a variety of packages, with extra goodies like magnets and hand drawn art. While I heartily encourage you to buy it from your local store, but buying directly from me is the most supportive buying method and much appreciated. All orders will be shipped out within 1-3 days.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: I charge exactly what the post office charges me to mail the book, with the cheapest possible option. It actually costs me slightly more, but I rounded down. If you are used to paying for books through Amazon or Ebay, please understand that those companies get shipping discounts. I cannot lower the shipping price, since I charge the actual cost, sorry.

Wholesale orders for store, please contact Rachel at Atomic Books at rachel(at)atomicbooks(dot)com

How ordering from me works:

how it works


Here are some things people said about the book:

Julia Wertz is the funniest, most unique voice in comics right now.  Not picking up this book would be a huge fucking mistake. – Brian K. Vaughan 

There is adventure and persistence and charm in Julia’s face slapping stories. These comics look cute and nice, but they aren’t– they are interesting and convey life throes very well. –Gary Panter

Julia Wertz’s Museum of Mistakes displays a magnificent collection of laffs, gags and profound profundity. Well worth the price of admission! –Carol Tyler

As far as I’m concerned, Julia Wertz has accomplished the impossible—straight out of the gate, she joined a small handful of cartoonists whose work I must own in its entirety and for which I’m willing to pay FULL RETAIL. *Joe Matt *he did not, I gave him a free book

Like the best work of the slacker era, the Fart Party communicates the joyous underbelly of an underwhelming existence. –Douglas Rushkoff

Fart Party is friggin’ hilarious. –New York Magazine

If you’re wondering what it’s like to be a smart, self aware young…Wertz’s comic has all the answers. –The Onion. See editor note below.

I was given the opportunity to run Fart Party in The Onion. I regret my decision not to do so. –Joe Garden, The Onion

Why aren’t there any fart jokes in here? I feel cheated. –Some turd on the internet

A quick Q&A about ordering:

Q: Why do you sell your books above cover price?

A: Books purchased directly from me are sold in package formats that include extras like prints, artwork, magnets, keychains, mix cds, etc…I do this for two reasons: 1) I need money. 2) To drive people who can only afford cover price books to purchase them directly from the publisher or from a local comic book store or distributor.

Q: Why should I buy the book directly from you and not just wait until it’s cheaper on Amazon?

A: Besides the obvious reason that I do not make any money off Amazon sales, buying directly from me means and I can also provide a touch of personalization unavailable when you order it elsewhere. Actually it’s more like I smother it in personalization, since everything I send along with the packages is hand-made, and orders can be highly customized.

If you cannot afford a book package directly from me, I highly encourage you to purchase the book directly from Atomic Books or your local comic book store. I understand that sometimes Amazon is the only choice, in which case, please try to buy the book from Atomic Books on Amazon, under Wunderpants Productions. When you buy a used book off Amazon from a random seller, neither my publisher nor I see a penny from that and the sales does not count as a book sold for us, which is important for my future book projects, and as a small press and a indie cartoonist, that whole Amazon situation just sucks. Every sales counts, and sometimes the difference comes down to the price of a coffee or half a sandwich, and buy buying from one of us, you’re helping insure that I can keep making comics. I am not saying don’t buy from Amazon, just if you must, please try to get it from Amazon themselves or a direct distributor, not someone’s old, coffee stained copy.

Q: All hand-made, huh? Really?

A: Yeah, really, I hand cut and draw all the panels, I cut/glue/assemble every keychain and buttons, I print the prints at home on nice paper I buy at an art store that I walk to and I pack every package on my own and they’re picked up directly from my apartment. All the library related extras are from an abandoned asylum, and it took me three trips with lots of muddy underground tunnel walking to recover and bring back home, so yeah, all that shit is about as personalized as it can be.

Q: (This is a real question I got once, I’m not kidding) So last time I bought something from your Etsy store and then sent a message, I was talking directly to you? I didn’t think it was you because the person was so nice!

A: Yes, you were talking directly to me! And here’s the thing: I’m not really an asshole, I just play one on the internet. One on one, I’m more than happy to talk to you and work out any order issues or even suggest other books you might like reading, because I love that nerd racket.

Q: …but once I saw you yell at someone on the patio at SPX…

A: Yeah, well that guy was a piece of shit and had been harassing me for years and sending me all kinds of crazy emails and bizarre packages directly to my apartment and then called me a bitch for not appreciating any of it. As long as you’re not him, we’re good.

Q: I’d like you to sign the book to someone specific, how do I let you know that?

A: When checking out on Etsy or in Paypal, there will be a section where you can send me a note. Please put your instructions there. If you forget, no biggie, send me an Esty message with your order attached. If you forget that, you can email me at juliajwertz(at)gmail(dot)com and remember to forward your order receipt with it. But please please please do NOT send me a facebook message about it, I cannot keep track of those things and I sometimes use emails to locate orders and I can’t do that from facebook.

And finally, some sample pages! If you like what you see, order the book!

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I also have a billion other things in my Etsy store, like original art, photography prints, handmade jewelry and trinkets, found stuff, treasures and such.

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