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2011 daily comic

September 9, 2013

First- It’s taking way longer than I anticipated for me to organize the comics originals that I’ll be selling, but if you emailed me, I got the email and should have responded, but if not, I’ll be getting back to you (and everyone) at the end of this month. I’m leaving town for a bit and I won’t be able to sort it all out before I go.

Second- I’m leaving town for a bit. If you like looking at photos of abandoned stuff, you should follow me on Instagram or Facebook while I’m gone. I’ll probably run a few longer photo posts on my other website about exploring.

Third- here’s a recently found diary comic from 2011, back when I was learning how to love people and tell them I loved them. Now I’ll be all, “bitch I fuckin’ love the shit outta you,” but back then it was difficult because I was mostly dead inside. I stand by my snack manifesto though.

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