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January 31, 2013

Hey pals, a few things real quick:

1) I’ve neglected updating this site in awhile since I’ve been working on non-comics related projects and zzzzzzz, but if you want to see a few photos and random sketches, I’ve been posting stuff frequently on Tumblr and Instagram, so check those out and then congratulate me for finally doing stuff on the internet that everyone else has been doing for years.

2) Added a bunch of new stuff to my Etsy store, and books and jewelry and bric-a-brak and junk are still for sale.

3)  Here are some photos of a few abandoned places I’ve explored recently. I’ve been talking about doing a blog of this stuff for awhile not but then instead I just keep eating triscuits and play gin rummy online because meh, January.

Old sugar mill ruins and military bunkers on Vieques Island:

Three abandoned asylums: 





Medical room above an abandoned morgue:


A WWII gun rack shelter 


And last but not least, Hurricane Sandy uncovered some WWII relics that no one knew were there since they’d been hidden under the sand and bushes for decades. This is a quick before/after of  a gun mount that is out on the beach right now at Fort Tilden at Battery Harris: