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travels and parents and such

April 30, 2012

My ma and step-dad have been visiting NYC all week, doing delightful things like trying to hook me up with “Brad the Nashville Dilettante,”  picking up trash from the gutter and offering it to me as a souvenir, screeching every time I step off the curb just a little bit when the light is red and saying things like “this is DEATH ROAD” and taking me to Broadway shows that make me have feelings. woof. I’ll be posting sketchy comics about it later but in the mean time…

I’m off to Barcelona tomorrow for the debut of Whiskey & New York in Spanish, so if you’re around there, I’ll be at Barcelona International Comic Fair (may 3rd-6th) with AlterComics so check the fair site or my twitter page later for signing times and panel discussions.

In the mean time, enjoy this comic about my lovely and hilarious mother: