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reading during the angsty years

April 17, 2012

this is another part of a longer comic that proceeds this page. Also don’t forget to reserve a ticket to my UCBeast variety show thingy on April 28th. I dont know why I just called it a ‘variety show’ it’s only got two kinds of variety. I just wanted to make it clear that other people are performing as well. I don’t think even I could tolerate a whole hour of me.

disclaimer: I’m not trying to be one of those girls who’s all “waaaah I was bullied in school and that’s why I can’t see what everyone else sees when I look in the mirror, I’m so humble because of it”  blahblahblah. Because I got my teefs fixed and I wasn’t bullied in elementary school or high school. Just junior high. By Casey Wedding and Travis Bowls. And usually only during 4th period science and 5th period PE. And twice during lunch when I accidentally walked into the area of the quad where only the cool kids were allowed. But I’m obviously totally over it. Also, have been over being religious since I was 16.