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the disbanding of Pizza Island

January 23, 2012

Man, this post is the worst. Pizza Island, the studio I shared with five other cartoonists, is shutting down at the end of this month. The explanation we’re giving (lease up, rent going up, members leaving the country) is really just an elaborate ruse to cover up the real, more scandalous reason as to why we’re disbanding.

The studio consisted of, at various times, Sarah Glidden, Lisa Hanwalt, Domitille Collardey, Meredith Gran,Kate Beaton, Deana Sobel, Karen Sneider and myself. We had a great two year run of drawing together, going to conventions and vacations and even getting profiled in places like New York Magazine. We (and I’m sure many others) were always baffled as to why our studio was “news” but it was fun so we just went with it. We didn’t update our collective blog a whole lot, but my favorite posts were  “From the Desk Of…” and our trip to Shelter Island. We did a whole lot of stuff together over the last few years, but I credit that being friends more than being studio-mates. So, readers, please continue to follow the Islanders on their individual blogs and watch us all go slowly insane as we work from home this year. And adieu, Pizza Island, it’s been a thing.

This is the only photo in which we’re all together, taken at Dom’s wedding in summer of 2011.