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explaining stuff to my ma

January 10, 2012

To my mom’s credit, this event took place years ago and she has since become fairly technology savvy. She eventually got a computer made after  the 90’s and even has an iphone. I don’t even have an iphone and I do all my comics work on a 7 year old PC. However she still does not have wireless and her connection is shit. Also a few months ago she called to ask if we could Skype on her new computer and I said sure and she said “ok, how do I dial your computer?” and I said, “have you downloaded Skype yet?” and she was all, “what? I have to download something?” and then I made fun of her on the internet. Hi ma! Love you!

ps. Have you read Lisa Hanawalt’s illustrated review of War Horse? Even if you hate horses and/or war, it’s still the best. (Lisa’s review, not the movie. I have no intention of seeing it, sounds like the worst)