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Whiskey & New York (what I’ve wrought)

November 14, 2011

hey look! A thing I made is coming out in a language I don’t speak! The French edition of Drinking at the Movies (retitled Whiskey & New York) is debuting this weekend (Nov 18th-20th) at Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage in Clermont-Ferrand.

I’ll be there all weekend with Alter Comics as well as on a panel with Aino Sutinen and Kaisa Leka on Sunday, Nov 20th at 11:30. On Wednesday, Nov 23rd, I’ll be doing a signing in Paris at Le Monte en L’air with Bastien Vivès.

For more info on Whiskey & New York and to see a 20 page preview, go here.

During the last seven years that I’ve been making comics, I’ve done a few noteworthy things, don’t you think? I’ve put out tons of mini comics, published three books and traveled to countless comic book conventions. I moved from San Francisco to New York, went on book tours, guest lectured at colleges, went to rehab, got a shitty cat and generally lived a life that seems somewhat accomplished, no?

Yeah, well fuck all that because now I can firmly say that the proudest moment of my career is making the French translate and footnote the definition of tea-bagging. You’re welcome, France!

The translation is at the bottom, but I’m not going to translate it because when I look at it, I fall into an existential rabbit hole filled with all the stupid balls and fart jokes I’ve made over the years. But I am honored to be given the opportunity to embarrass myself in a foreign language.

Now I’m off to France! I’ll be spending four days in Clermont-Ferrand before going to Paris to meet up with my brother and his girlfriend. If you’re familiar with these areas and know of any “off the map” adventures you think I’d enjoy, feel free to suggest them in comments or email. I like all that hiking/city walking/underground/abandoned/ghosty/old stuff. I might try to blog while I’m gone, but I say that every time I travel and then I don’t do a goddamn thing because I remember how much I hate the internet as soon as I’m away from it. Maybe I’ll twitter. Maybe I’ll go hike on that volcano in Clermont-Ferrand. Maybe I’ll buy 1,000 baguettes and roll around on top of them fully clothed. Maybe I’ll meet someone and settle down. haha tricked you! that’s from a Dolly Parton song.