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under-developed in the mind

October 28, 2011

I posted this found letter a few years ago on my blog that has since been deleted, but I think it merits a more permanent home on this website, don’t you? The whole thing is amazing, but I’m particularly fond of this part: “I know you hate it when I compare my feelings to a song, but I have to. It’s just like Mariah Carey “Butterfly”…I’m like the butterfly and you’re like Mariah. You have to let me be the butterfly that i am…and allow me to fly into da sun…” This girl wants out of the relationship so bad that she’s pleading to D’andre to let her pull an Icarus and get murdered by the sun so she can go bang some dude named Darnell. Enjoy!

PS I found this letter in the same trash heap where I saw two cockroaches fucking. I ❤ NY