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conversations with my ma pt.1

October 17, 2011

*In case you don’t know about science, here’s a little bit of it you can use to make  lame excuses for your poor behavior:

The part of brain that is in charge of decision making, behavioral patterns, rationality, etc…is the prefrontal cortex. Scientists have discovered that this area of the brain doesn’t stop developing until your early 20’s, with age 25 being the generally accepted age at which your brain stops growing and begins its decline. I added that last part because I’m a pessimist. This finding supports one of my favorite prejudices made by Lisa Hanawalt when she claimed “not to trust the opinions or tastes of anyone under 25.”

So, if you’re 25 and under, an undeveloped prefrontal cortex is a good (albeit subjective) excuse for impulsive, bad decision making in your youth. Use it as much as you can because once you cross the line into real adulthood and you have to start accepting responsibility for your behavior,  everything just becomes a fucking nightmare. Haha what am I even talking about? I just wish I didn’t have tattoos is all.