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confectionery philosophy

September 19, 2011

If I wasn’t me and I read this comic, I would hate me. And for the record, I stopped eating tasti-d-lite not on account of the fact that it’s sad (it is) but because it’s total garbage (it really is). Now I just sit on my couch in my boxers and cry softly into fruit parfaits while watching Cheers reruns. Two of those things are true. Also I  hate sharing, unless it’s an even split on separate plates. That’s alright I guess. But there’s nothing more irritating then when someone asks for a bite of something and then they take a huge bite that’s basically half of the thing I planned on eating in full. That shit makes me crazy! I actually had something important to link down here but now I’m all bothered about nothing and I can’t remember. Um..it’s really lovely today, if you’re inside, you should go outside. If you’re a real life friend in the bay area, you should call/email me, I’m coming home for awhile. Let’s get ice cream.