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the best invention

August 29, 2011

It’d be weird if I ignored the hurricane stuff so worry not, I shall bore you with doodles and photos of its disappointment later this week. For now, here’s a comic I made awhile ago but I’m still upset about it and probably always will be. I mean, COME ON, why aren’t these a thing? and don’t give me that sweatpants/maternity/elastic waistband jargon, I want normal pants that allow me to overeat without being obscene about it half way through dinner. I’m not asking for a pony, or something insane like wishing that Candy Land was a real, live game, I’m just asking for some comfortable, fashionable dinner wear that discreetly adapts to and conceals my gluttony. This is why I live alone and am really into “house pants” which is a fancy way to say pajamas. Although I did once accidentally buy a pair of maternity pants and you should have seen the look of unfettered glee on Sarah’s face when I told her. And yeah, for the most part I wear normal pants but I always resent it just a little.

oh, ps: I didn’t update anything while on my road trip because as soon as I got away from the internet I was like “I hate the internet forever!!!” I mean, really, have you gone on a trip without any kind of internet lately? it’s THE BEST. It makes you realize how completely and delightfully pointless most of it is and that you really can do fine, if not better, without it. However, that said, I did tweet a few times when I got to motels with a signal but not often since Jen was making me sing this song about tweeting every time I did it and I was starting to really irritate myself by singing it and I don’t need to be telling you about this part. Anyways, I won’t be making any comics online about the trip but you can peruse a flickr set about it and let it give you cabin fever if you like torturing yourself at work. haha I’m a dick.