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August 1, 2011

you might recognize some of these things from my twitter account, because some of what I say on twitter is something I said in real life, which means I’m just enough of an idiot to say a stupid thing twice, but never in one fashion. I feel like I should pay my friends to sit and listen to me sometimes, especially poor, beleaguered Sarah Glidden who has put up with my nonsense for about 5 years now.
Speaking of Sarah, she’s selling an awesome package deal on her site for her book and paintings and minis and such, if you haven’t gotten it yet, now’s the time and this is the best time because this order is direct from her so it supports her as well as snags you some personalized stuff for your monies. Do it!
also for the record, I eat vegetables, I love them! I just didn’t eat any during June because I was on deadline and it’s laborious to prepare veggies so I just lived off fruit and candy bars and pizza. But I’m not gross like that in real life though. Most of the time…