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letters of appeal

May 10, 2011

No time for new comics this morning, I’ve been traveling and now I have to sort through junk mail for hot dealz and stare out the window and feel funny. More on TCAF later, but for now, these appeals to various facets of culture:

Dear Hollywood,
I, along with fellow cartoonists Sarah Glidden and Lisa Hanawalt, recently traveled to Toronto to make a brief but compelling cultural documentary about the state of comics in modern media, particularly its depiction in film. Please take a moment out of your busy schedules to consider our submission, thank you!

Inception’d in Toronto from minicloud on Vimeo.

haha we’re idiots.

Dear Mom,
Hi, how are you? Guess what! All those hours I spent wasting my time doodling pictures in boxes were validated by some old people who do the same thing; Drinking at the Movies was nominated for an Eisner! (humor category) You probably don’t know what that is because you do normal things like have kids and work in an office, but in the world of comics, it’s kinda fancy and if I win, I can put a STICKER on my book and and finally make you proud! Also can I borrow $20 for comic books and candy I mean new socks? Hugs! -Julia. PS look Ma! we wuz in NY magazine!

(Unfortunately, only comics “professionals” can vote online for the Eisners, none of whom probably read this blog, but hey, it never hurts to just mention it.)

Dear Online Retailer,
When I ordered your female oriented neck massager, you promised discreet packaging to avoid the embarrassment of my neighbors becoming privy to the fact that certain parts of my neck require assistance in relaxation so as to avoid women’s hysteria. Surely this is not what I had in mind as pertaining to your promise of discretion! By all means, please do cancel my account, and I’ll take my apology in the form of store credit. Sincerely, a disgruntled customer.