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Chicago pt2

April 26, 2011

Laura blew my cover about the faces I make in comics because it’s just not funny to end strips with my cracking up at everything.


We watched clips Milo and Otis, which I remember loving as a kid, but as an adult, all those warm fuzzies were pissed on by the knowledge that it was filmed in Japan during the time of no animal rights laws. There is much speculation as to whether or not kittens and pugs died during the filming (of which I don’t want to muse upon further) but regardless, you can tell that the animals involved were upset. It felt like when I watched the making of the Wizard of Oz, in which the original witch got 3rd degree burns, the tin man almost died of nickle paint inhilation, someone committed suicide on set and the Munchkins were drunk all the time. That’s good old fashioned Hollywood!