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April 1, 2011


(link deleted because people didn’t follow it and it led to a lot of confusion, see the addendum below)


Addendum: Much to my initial delight (and following chagrin) the joke worked better than I expected because a lot of people didn’t click the link, which I deleted because at first I was like “haha gotcha good, fuckers!” but then throughout the day and weekend I kept getting emails and tweets that were like “congrats! I knew you’d make something of your sad, little life!” or something similarly implicit, until eventually I realized (as one astute commenter pointed out) I basically just April fooled myself. Haha! waaaah! Anyways, sorry to do this but I must dispel any and all rumors that I’ll be doing a TV show. There had been talk of it once, but I never wrote the script for it because that’s just not something I wanted/want to do at this point in my life. I’ve got comics to make and cats to feed. That’s funny because I’m unemployed and my cat’s a dick.