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Gettin’ fancy

November 23, 2010

heeey oooh, I did an interview and photoshoot with Hearty Magazine, and it’s up now with a brand new 2 page comic I did just for the article. It’s all about clothes! haha get it? Because when your job is something you can do in your pajamas and no one sees your face for 95% of the year, clothes just matter SO MUCH! (I kid, I kid, I have to go out for work and other stuff daily, so I actually do care. Plus it turns out that drawing outfits is way fun.)

Moving along, studio mate Kate Beaton’s latest comic tackles Les Miserables, which I’ve kinda been hoping she’d do for awhile now because I’ve been obsessed with that book/musical since I was a kid. I like how this section focuses on Javert because I always had a soft spot in my heart for him. He seemed so tortured and misdirected. Plus his suicide song is hilaaaaaarious. He’s all, “I am reaching, but I fall/ And the stars are black and cold/ As I stare into the void/ Of a world that cannot hold.” I’m pretty sure I wrote those same lyrics in Tippity Top Secret Diary when I was 13 and drowning in the vast, melancholy pool of teen angst.

Also, our latest addition to Pizza Island is none other than…dada dum da…LISA HANAWALT! We’ve been bugging Lisa to join our knitting circle for months and finally she caved! Now we can finish all those hats and flesh sweaters we’ve been working on all year. 

Man, you know what I hate? when I’m at a busy cafe and I’ve finished my scone but there’s all these crumbs on the plate and I really just want to dump them all in my mouth, but instead I try to smash them together into one bite but then they end up crumbling and kinda falling out of my mouth when I try to eat it so eventually I just give up but there’s still like an entire mouthful of crumbs just sitting there on the plate.