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top 10 hot list

November 3, 2010

Tonight I’ll be joining a slew of funny folks at Matchless in Greenpoint to read our top 10 ten lists of any subject of our choosing. I’m going to be reading “the top 10 grossest things I’ve ever said” but for now, here’s my recently discovered old list of hot guys. I made this list 10 years ago, which means I was 18, which is young but also a too old to be making this kind of list. Enjoy!

For the record, I liked Adrien Grenier before Entourage, when he was in an indie movie called the Adventures of Sebastian Cole, which I shoplifted from Blockbuster. I also stole Slums of Beverly Hills, which is when I got a major crush on Kevin Corrigan, who went on to play all kinds of delightful dishevled roles. And there are three members of Guns N’ Roses on this list, which, if you own Fart Party vol 1, you might recall I had a bit of an obsessive problem with. Also, Jimmy Fallon? haha too cute. Anyways, despite the school girl scribble of Sebastian Bach’s name on the side, I’m pretty proud of my old hot list. I’d still bone at least half those dudes.

Anyways, come on out and see us at Matchless! But before you do, make sure to swing by Sarah Glidden’s book release party at Desert Island! These two events are close to each other so you don’t have an excuse not to attend both.

Here’s the list of folks appearing with me, via Vol 1 Brooklyn:

Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav)
Dave Hill (World-Class Entertainer)
Julia Wertz (Writer/artist, “Fart Party“)
Brandon Stosuy (Stereogum)
Jennifer Gilmore (Author, Something Red)
Chris Leo (Author)
Meaghan O’Connell (Editor, Coming & Crying)
Adam Frucci (Splitsider.com)
Kevin Pederson (What’s Your Rupture Records)
Billy & Adam (Snakes/Harvard Sailing Team)
Rachel Coleman (PopJew/blogger)
Lincoln Michel (The Faster Times/Gigantic Mag)
Deenah Vollmer (The New Yorker)
Rozalia Jovanovic (The Rumpus/Gigantic/Flavorpill)
Mikki Halpin (writer, Mikkipedia)
Marc Tracy (Tablet Magazine)
Nick Curley (Vol. 1 Brooklyn Editor)