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loving the hate

November 1, 2010

Since I just posted “the Insidious Nature of Book Reviews” I thought I’d share a few of my favorite bad reviews of my books. To be honest, I don’t react to bad reviews in the way I portrayed in the comic. I understand that my work is rather specific and appeals to a certain audience. My humor and writing isn’t for everyone, and for that I’m grateful. How boring would it be if we all liked the same stuff? So over the years, I’ve gone from taking bad quips personally, to accepting them, to reveling in them. My attitude towards negativity is most adequately summed up in this brief, veracious review: “Wertz doesn’t give a shit and neither do I.” -Carrie L.

So, on with the hate! These are some of my favorite from Goodreads: (all spelling/grammer errors included, and reviews are truncated.)

At first glance the cartoons seem childish and poorly rendered but one realizes that the author is capable of more detailed drawings, like the cover, but is quite possibly too lazy to render them fully.

Wertz is a sarcastic fat white girl semi-whining, semi-growling about a nerdy lame-ass white boy. Everyone has the same damn problems, I need to read the Bible. There’s also a weird cheese fetish in this book. I hate cheese.

-When I read it I kinda feel like I’m reading a hipster version of US Magazine, a tad dirty and indulgent. Maybe that’s just my own issue though.

-Look, I am as humorless as the next absolutely humorless lesbian feminist, so some of this stuff (like calling things “retarded;” HUMORLESS) rings a little sour for me.

This book made me feel refreased and in a depressing state after that I took a dump. Star treck is the most awsome t.v show ever!!! It feel so good to read the book and be constopaded after words and then diarrhea. Thank you pepto bismo or what ever -FART OUT-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be fair, most of those reviews went on to explain why they actually liked the books. However, this is not the case for Amazon reviews. Amazon has a program called Amazon Vine, in which prolific reviewers receive books they might not normally be inclined to read. I think it’s a counterproductive program as it causes unnecessary dissension, but at least it’s led to some pretty hilarious quips.

You’re not supposed to read someone’s diary, right? Oh yes, it’s called journaling these days. Whatever… So, what is it about the author? She’s a mid twenty something whose only real skills are living on a pittance and drawing comics. Does one skill enable the other? I’m not sure why I liked this, but I read it through in one long sitting.

-First I must add that it took me a lot longer to read this than I had anticipated. It wasn’t my type of humor from the beginning to the end so that made it hard for me to get through. That being said it still wasn’t the worst book I’ve ever read, nor was it the best. This being the first graphic novel I’ve ever read left me wondering what the point of the illustrations were about halfway through. Personally I would have rather read this all in paragraph form, but I guess that wasn’t the point. I found a few parts funny but they just weren’t enough to make me look back upon the book and think that I would like to read it again.

-I really have no reason why I picked up this book, other than searching for some laughs. I am not of the demographic the author is aiming for, have very few life experiences that seem to over lap with her and have never read a graphic novel/memoir. That being said, I kinda enjoyed it!

-Now, at times I felt like putting the book down and saying, perhaps it’s time to pick up a sci fi novel, but somehow I returned to this troubled, disfunctional life that Julia lived and writes about… To call this a graphic novel is a misnomer. It is more of an illustrated blog. The art is atrocious. The ‘stories’ are vignettes, not standard GN fare. Insightful, no really. Intelligent, not really…Recommended? Only if you liked Fart Party. If not, consider it an investment in the maturation of an artist.

-Only in America could an alcoholic, whiney, self-sabotaging person with limited artistic skill write and illustrate a comic, oops, “graphic novel” about her pathetic and boring life in San Francisco and New York City/Brooklyn and become successful. Reading it almost drove me to drink. I only decided to review this book after reading the reviews of “The Fart Party” so I am certain that I will be in the minority and that my review will be highly criticized but I post it, anyway, in the hope that someone with tastes similar to mine will be dissuaded from wasting his or her time.

USA! USA! USA! ammiright or what?